Billy Joel – Fantasies & Delusions (w/ Kelly Moran)

On Late Era’s Season One Finale, we’re joined by brilliant pianist, composer, and Long Islander Kelly Moran for a discussion of Fantasies & Delusions, Billy Joel’s final album to date, a collection of faux-classical instrumentals for solo piano. We attempt to engage earnestly with his uncanny compositions—which include blatant attempts to mimic heavy-hitters like Beethoven and Bach—but soon fall into our own fantasies, imagining Joel as a Citizen Kane-like figure, alone in his mansion, sitting at the keyboard, pounding out melodies for no one.

Late Era is hosted by Andy Cush (Garcia Peoples, Pitchfork), Sam Sodomsky (The Bird Calls, Pitchfork, Various Publications), and Winston Cook-Wilson (Office Culture, Winston C.W., Various Publications).


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