Episode 5: Dreamers

In each episode of the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang New Music Files we crack open the dossier of a band in the Alternative music format to get the inside intel on their latest release. In our fifth episode your host, Dead Air Dave, opens the file on Dreamers to get the scoop on their new collection of songs being released.  

We have an interesting conversation with Nick Wold of the band about writing the current group of songs that will become an EP by the end of 2022. Plus, we delve into Nick’s passion projects including developing a VR game. Dreamers will be going on tour this summer.

We also hear from Shawn at KRXP in Colorado Springs, who tells us about how the band has built a strong relationship with the station and, especially, with listeners. Ari, from Gutsy Mgmt, shares how he shifted from performer to manager, and finding Nick on stage.

As always, we’ll give you a taste of songs from Dreamers at the end of the episode.

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