Episode 3: Third Eye Blind

In each episode of the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang New Music Files we crack open the dossier of a band in the Alternative music format to get the inside intel on their latest release. In this episode, your host Dead Air Dave, opens the file on Third Eye Blind to get intel on their latest release, Our Bande Apart. We have a lively conversation with Stephan Jenkins of the band about the impact of the pandemic on the making of the album. He also gives us the inside scoop on surfing, the environmental beneficiary of their tour this Summer, and more. Plus, we hear from Los Angeles radio veteran, Lisa Worden, currently with KYSR. She and Stephan share stories from their long association between the band’s music and radio throughout the band’s career. (Including the story of the White Coat!)

Plus, we’ll give you a taste of a song from the album.Kiss Kiss Bang Bang New Music Files is produced by U.N.C.L.E. Distributed by Osiris Media.


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