Episode 4: Jon Stickley & Kitchen Dwellers


Episode 4 features interviews with 2 notable artists. First up, the Kitchen Dwellers are a young jamgrass band from Montana with a vibrant new record of original music that has just come out—Muir Maid (produced by host, Chris Pandolfi), and a growing fanbase who love their raw power and catchy songs.

Our next guest, Jon Stickley, has developed an incredibly distinct and skilled voice on the acoustic guitar, and is a prominent descendant of the prodigious North Carolina bluegrass scene. He fronts The Jon Stickley Trio, a unique, virtuosic band that manages to blur the lines between metal, bluegrass, classical, ambient and beyond. Episode 4 also features a breakdown of the biggest bluegrass event in recent history: What the Night brings, the Jeff Austin tribute in Denver (Nov. 4, 2019).

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