Episode 21: Aoife O’Donovan

Hello and welcome to the third season of Inside The Musician’s Brain! We are thrilled to be back, especially with our first guest of the season, Grammy award-winning songwriter, musician, and Chris’ old friend Aoife O’Donovan. Along with releasing three critically-acclaimed solo albums, Aoife is the co-founder of the bands I’m With Her and Crooked Still, she is the featured vocalist on The Goat Rodeo Sessions with artists such as Yo-Yo Ma and Chris Thile, and she was a part of the radio variety shows “Live From Here” and “A Prairie Home Companion”. 

In this episode, Chris and Aoife discuss meeting years ago and jamming together at the legendary Cantab Lounge in Boston and how their lives on the road have changed from then to now. Aoife also talks in depth about her band Crooked Still and who influenced them and why they played the songs they played. She then goes on to share her love for collaboration and how she got her chops with other players. The two old friends finish by deep diving into Aoife’s solo discography, including her new album Age of Apathy. 

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