Episode 20: Grahame Lesh

For today’s season finale of Inside The Musician’s Brain, Chris is thrilled to welcome Grahame Lesh (Midnight North, Terrapin Family Band). The pair begin by discussing Terrapin Crossroads, the music venue/restaurant in San Rafael, California that was founded by his father and Grateful Dead member Phil Lesh. Grahame shares how it has served as the perfect place for his band Midnight North to play and rehearse. They also dive deep into the making of Midnight North’s new album, There’s Always a Story, and how it was a different process from how they’ve done it in the past. Grahame also shares what it was like growing up in the wild world of the Grateful Dead.

Grahame Lesh is a Bay Area musician most well known for being a part of Midnight North, The Terrapin Family Band, and Phil Lesh and Friends. Midnight North’s new album There’s Always a Story is available to buy or stream now!


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