Inside Georgia Music – Pilot Episode | ATL Motor Speedway Pandemic Drive-In Concerts

This is the pilot episode of a new Inside Out wTnS series which finds hosts Rob Turner and Seth Weiner focusing on the Georgia music world.  The podcasts’ goal is to shine a light on all things related to the Georgia music industry – and the people, artists and supporters who make it all happen.  In this first episode, we take a look at how Collectiv and Beware Presents were able to put on large-scale concerts at The Atlanta Motor Speedway during a global pandemic.  We focus on the pair of Umphrey’s McGee concerts which took place in October (one of which was almost canceled due to tornado warnings).  First, Eric Von Haessler of WSB’s “Von Haessler Doctrine shares insight about the Speedway itself, as well as about how his interest in NASCAR was rekindled when he moved to Atlanta in the late 90s.  Then, we dive into the preparation, execution, and enjoyment of this unique event from multiple angles.  The Site/Event Director (Kit Blanchard) explains about how many folks had to be on board with each other to make the shows happen, particularly in the immediate wake of tornado warnings on Saturday.  We also hear of the experiences of a Social Distancing Ambassador (Nicholas Woodruff), and a long-time music fan who traveled from Colorado to see the Umphrey’s McGee, “Drive-in At The Speedway” concert (Steve Homer).  The episode ends with Jake Cinninger of Umphrey’s McGee giving his thoughts on the band’s experience, and how it all looked and felt from their position.   Sprinkled throughout the episode are thoughts and feedback from the hosts, who attended the first of these two concerts.


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