Episode 91: Kellen Asebroek (Fruition)

This episode features Rob’s interview with Kellen Asebroek of Fruition from last fall. They discuss the two EP’s this band has released recently (Wild As The Night last fall and Broken At The Break of Day early in 2020), how having 14 new songs in play makes writing setlists more fun. Many of the songs are results of the band becoming more collaborative than ever and increasingly able to have open, clear and at times blunt communication with regard to composing and recording songs. Kellen also elaborates on how the members’ families encouragement was key to them getting through the very earliest days of the band, how Fruition’s music has evolved in the live setting, how he was influenced as a musician and a person by Jack Johnson and KA offers his response to seeing his first live Phish show. These two discuss plenty more, and not only does Kellen tell a nice JamCruise story from the past, but in the episode outro which follows Seth returns to share his thoughts on the 2020 JamCruise.

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