Episode 90: Part II with Marc Brownstein

This episode features the second part of Rob’s lengthy chat with Marc Brownstein, the bassist of Star Kitchen and Disco Biscuits. Marc explains how the initial genesis of Star Kitchen occurred when he chased down guitarist Danny Meyer at Meyer’s son’s little league baseball game. Brownstein goes on to reveal how the band decided to add keyboardist Rob Marscher and drummer Marlon Lewis and the spices that each continue to bring to the kitchen. We even hear a snippet of a song from Roadside Attraction, one of Rob’s first bands. Marc also relates that while they are learning classic soul/R&B music, they for the most part are focusing on deep cuts, and as one fan commented – they are essentially, “taking these classic songs are remixing them live.” Marc relates how he became a better musician just by playing and sharing notes with John Kadlecik, shares some insight on modes + scales, explains how “off-time” songs work best when most listeners don’t even realize the song’s unique tempo and he gives examples of how his approach to songwriting has evolved He also relates his memory of the night that his bandmates Aron Magner and (original drummer) Sam Altman spontaneously came up with the sound that would become a significant part of the band’s future. Brownie also points to three things that greatly fueled The Biscuits’ growth and tells a fantastic Stanley Jordan story. This episode also offers a good bit of Star Kitchen’s performance in Atlanta last fall, opening for The New Mastersounds.

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