Episode 85: Lindsay Lou & Scotty Stoughton (WinterWonderGrass)

This episode Seth and Rob celebrate WinterWonderGrass. This is a crazy-fun, kid-friendly festival of music, beer, winter and culture which this year once again takes place in Colorado, California and Vermont. They first chat with veteran WWG performer Lindsay Lou. She talks briefly about how she met a traditional bluegrass band called The Flatbellys at an “open mic” event, and how they would come to impact her professionally and personally. She also elaborates briefly on how her music has evolved, what it was like to live on the same street as Billy Strings and Molly Tuttle, and the beauty of “tea bag wisdom.” Lindsay gets particularly effusive talking about the unique beauty of WinterWonderGrass, and how the festival for her conjures fond memories of skating on makeshift rinks when she was growing up in the upper peninsula of Michigan. She loves being protected from mother nature not only by clothing at WinterWonderGrass, but also by the camaraderie and music-love of all of the boisterous attendees. She also talks about how the festival is highly focused on collaboration, offers a quick story about how breathtaking the “gondola sets” can be and even touches on quantum physics. Then we hear Seth talk with Scotty Stoughton, the promoter, musician and music aficionado who created this festival, and we learn how his experience playing traditional festivals inspired his approach toward creating his own, and his particularly “hands-on” attitude. He also explains how promoting shows for over 25 years (and his relationship with musicians like Mark Vann) inspired him to make the core mission of this festival not just to bring forth great music in an amazing setting, but also to build community around these delightfully chilly events. He also admits that he in large part selects the performing artists based on how willing they are to get into the spirit of the festival by mingling in the crowd, and evidencing a “keep playing even if the power goes out” attitude on stage. He talks about how he is comfortable with the current three-venue version of the festival, and that he isn’t looking just to expand the festival just for the sake of expanding. He would at this point rather focus on making the experience better every year at the existing locations.

Music in episode:

Lindsay Lou’s album Southland: Satellite, Go There Alone, and Simple & Sober

Bonfire Dub | album: Gypsy Roots | Song: Ocean

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