Episode 82: Neal Casal (Circles Around The Sun) & Author Joel Cummins

Neal Casal is an accomplished guitarist whose interesting career has led him from Blackfoot in the late 80s to the singer/songwriter world in the 90s to Ryan Adams in “The Oughts” and then onto Phil Lesh to his current adventurous band Circles Around The Sun. Seth and Rob spoke with him before Circles took the stage at the Terminal West in Atlanta. The conversation starts with a discussion about the unique way this band came together and how the members push each other to continue to reinvent the music in the spontaneous nature it was initially created. We the jump in “the wayback machine” and learn about how this New Jersey kid ended up being the lead guitarist of what many say is the best incarnation of Ryan Adams and The Cardinals. He also elaborates on the organic genesis of the band, Brotherhood (with Chris Robinson) and the raw beauty of the Hard-Working Americans (with Dave Schools and the ever-enigmatic Todd Snider). The show opens with a brief phone conversation featuring Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee. We learn about his new and wildly informative book, “The Realist’s Guide To a Successful Music Career” which he wrote with author/entrepreneur Matt DeCoursey. Joel and Rob walk through just some of the many pieces of music career strategy wisdom that this book offers. It is a “must-read” for anyone seriously contemplating a dive into the business of music.

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