Episode 80: Brandon “Taz” Niederauer

Rob and Seth sit down with the ever-improving 16-year-old guitarist Brandon “Taz” Niederauer and learn how a performance at a Rock n Roll University event at a Mets game ultimately led Niederauer to Ellen DeGeneres, Gregg Allman, Col. Bruce Hampton and other musical luminaries. Brandon speaks of his teammates in his current band, and about how he has stepped up his own songwriting to provide material for the nationally touring act. Brandon talks about how he still gives a great deal of time to his schoolwork and makes sure to maintain his oldest friendships – yet still manages to find “pockets of time” to work on his music. We learn of his hometown of Dix Hills on Long Island in New York, where John Coltrane once lived. Taz expresses surprise to learn that 50 Cent also used to live there. Brandon talks about how his experience at the Roots, Rock, Revival camp found him enjoying quality time with musicians like Butch Trucks and Oteil Burbridge. Brandon proudly talks about his days at the Broadway musical School Of Rock including auditioning for Andrew Lloyd Webber and the day Stevie Nicks visited and collaborated. He also raves about his moments on stage with BB King and Derek Trucks and talks about his days with Col. Bruce Hampton from when George Porter Jr. introduced them until the Col. began his journey to the next dimension at Niederauer’s feet.

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