Episode 79: Bill Nershi of String Cheese Incident and Justin Levy

We were very proud to be given the opportunity to interview Bill Nershi of String Cheese Incident, so even though Rob Turner was on assignment in New England, Seth Weiner was able to soldier on and do what is probably his best to-date solo interview (although we are all confused as to what “taking the realm” means). Bill and Seth wasted no time in comparing Fox’s. They also spoke about how, like Railroad Earth’s Tim Carbone, Bill is a Colorado transplant from New Jersey. Bill elaborates on this, the ever-growing “New Grass” (aka “Jam Grass”) scene and how he went from being a fan of Del McCoury to becoming one of his peers. Nershi also speaks of how his days as an aspiring visual artist led to him creating the band’s now-familiar “Pagan Swirl” artwork. He lets us into his thoughts about writing and performing with his wife Jill, Jim Lauderdale and Benny Burle Galloway and speaks of the importance of having a representative of the “lyric police” in the room. The joys of bringing forth new songs to the SCI repertoire, and dusting off old ones (SCI had just a short time before this interview performed the “40 Miles To Tulsa” chestnut for the first time in 20 or so years, and this performance is included at the end). Bill also throws some loved toward key people behind the scenes in the SCI family who plan and execute their most elaborate incidents, and gets a tad emotional when talking about his friend/neighbor Jeff Austin who had passed away shortly before this interview. Seth also speaks with Justin Levy of Conscious Alliance and they briefly discuss how his CA harnesses the energy and passion of the music world to feed hungry people of the wider world. Levy talks about how he found his way to serving others for a living, and gives examples of ways that Conscious Alliance encourages people to participate. The episode ends first with Turner talking about his experience traveling to Philadelphia for a weekend-long Bachelor’s Party in celebration of his long-time friend Jefferson Waful (who is the Director of Video at CID Entertainment) and then with a soundboard recording of the aforementioned String Cheese Incident bustout rendition of “10 Miles To Tulsa.”

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