Episode 73: 3/5 of Mike Gordon in 3900 Seconds

Rob and Seth talk about the current incarnation of Mike Gordon, and its superb Spring Tour 2019-opening show before tossing to an in depth interview. Scott Murawski, Robert Walter and John Kimock join the hosts at Atlanta’s Diamond Street Studios and they quickly find themselves discussing the producing brilliance of Shawn Everett, and how it was vital to the unique feel of Ogogo. Live performance is discussed at length, and Scott talks about how Mike encourages the band to, “push the envelope as far as sound goes and as far as improvisation goes” and Robert relates about how exploring synthesizers and the textures they create with Mike Gordon has directly influenced his 20th Congress work and vice-versa. Scott talks about how he sometimes likes to, “play things in a way that encourages people to think ‘I could do that'” after which Walter leads into a conversation about improvisational exercises and the importance of “rudeness” with regard to creating compelling music in the moment. John Kimock explains some of his thinking behind his own approach to improvisation, and to his solo work some of which is with his father, legendary guitarist Steve Kimock. Also discussed are mid-tour musical adjustments, the interactive elements of Mike Gordon (the band) tours and how much fun they are having with the plethora of unrecorded songs specific to Mike Gordon (the band). Scott responds to Rob’s suggestion that Max Creek bassist John Rider was a huge influence on Mike Gordon (the person), brings forth his early memories of Mike and band mate Trey Anastasio watching Max Creek from the front row, offers his opinion on an old Phish myth, talks about how horn players influenced him, his recent writing with Mike and spin on the Joni Mitchell “Kill Mommy Syndrome.” A discussion about Robert’s first pedal leads first to The Police and Bob Marley and in turn about how the “embrace of the economy of parts” was a significant influence on Robert as a musician. Each of these fantastic musicians updates the listener on their own solo projects, and then Seth and Rob offer their own closing thoughts. Late in the episode there are also COMPLETE live versions of Mike Gordon and Robert Walter’s 20th Congress songs.

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