Episode 72: Kris Myers and Aaron “LOUIE” Meyette

Rob and Seth first rejoice over the announcement of the new partnership between Osiris Podcasts and JamBase, and Rob elaborates on why he believes this is the ideal relationship for this podcast and for others on the Osiris Network.

Then the listener is again taken to backstage at The Tabernacle for two interviews conducted during the Umphrey’s McGee 2019 New Years’ run. Drummer Kris Myers talks about his transition from being an enthusiast of grunge music to studying jazz and cutting his teeth in the “hot seat” of playing in “pro level” big bands.

Kris explains how “one of the weirdest people I know” Brian Abraham is a bit of an “unsung hero” in Umphrey’s circles. On the eve of his 16th Anniversary with the band, Kris talks about how his predecessor Mike Mirro helped him find his musical place in Umphrey’s McGee, how “Plunger” and “Believe The Lie” were among the first Umphrey’s songs he helped to shape and how his playing in the band has evolved over the years.

We also learn about the “Hide The One” jam, how he used orchestral percussion to achieve a “thick, pulsating tone” on the band’s recent studio release and Myers takes us into his thinking process behind one particular drum solo he played during this run (and we get to hear it). He also details his experiences with other musicians, including Jimmy Chamberlin of Smashing Pumpkins, Zappa alum Mike Keneally and the legendary Adrian Belew.

Then Aaron “Louie” Meyette represents the midwest well as he walks us through his unusual career path to becoming a full-time Umphrey’s Mcgee employee. Louie went from working with the “Midwest Peeps,” to USTORM, to doing Umphrey’s merchandise to becoming the Lighting Crew Chief. His Umphstory should inspire others who aspire.

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