Episode 65: Salmon Dusters

Songs included in episode are all from The Tab 9.21.18 except the two “Salmon Dusters” songs performed privately for us.

The Stringdusters and Salmon Tabernacle sets are all available at nugs.net.

Open – Leftover Salmon (with Andy Hall) “Get Up And Go”
Lead-into interview – Infamous Stringdusters (with Drew Emmitt) “Down In The Hollow (Hollerwood)”
Between interview and performance – Infamous Stringdusters “My Destination”
Performance – Salmon Dusters Quartet “Blue Yodel #4” (Bill Monroe) and “How Far I’d Fall For You” (Bennie “Burle” Galloway)
Close (these are in their entirety)
Ensemble (Jeff Mosier with all of Salmon, Stringdusters and Hand Grenades)
“Little Georgia Rose”, “Workin’ On a Building” & “Cheese Frog”

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