Episode 62: Big (Something) & VooDoo (Visionary)

Seth and Rob give a quick introduction to set the table for a collaborative interview with Mike Wilson of Voodoo Visionary and Nick MacDaniels of Big Something. Voodoo will be performing at the Big Something-hosted-and-curated Big What Festival the weekend after this episode is released. This conversation begins on common ground with a discussion of DJ Logic and Turkuaz as each band has collaborated with each of these artists. The quartet segues neatly into a discussion about selecting and working with producers and then Nick sheds light on the learning curve that goes along with throwing one’s own festival and the importance of creating something special with a friendly atmosphere. Nick also opens up about losing his best friend, and one of the chief creative forces behind Big Something, Paul Interdonato….when things get a little heavy Mike steps up and talks about some of Voodoo’s biggest non-musician influences. Each of them also speak about the support (and lack thereof) as well as some of their frustrations with local media in each of their markets. The musicians also share a “gig nightmare” story each, and they discuss some of their most recent material (including Nick elaborating on specific songs from their 2018 release The Otherside). Nick also reveals which verse of the brilliant “Sundown Nomad” was written by Mister, who will perform with Big Something at The Big What (Nick also waxes on some of his favorite collaborations over the years). Then we are all treated to solo versions of Big Something songs “UFO’s Are Real” and “The Cave” from the 2017 release Tumbleweed delivered by the ever-gracious MacDaniels. Seth and Rob then wrap up the show with some musical world thoughts of their own, including reports about recent shows each has seen (Phish, Patti Griffin, Amanda Shires and others) and Rob’s appearance on the Alpharetta version of the Osiris Phish Couch Report.

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