Episode 54: Jerry Joseph

Seth and Rob first discuss the various events this podcast will take part in during the upcoming SweetWater 420 Music Festival in Atlanta. Then the focus turns onto Jerry Joseph as we hear an interview recorded at David Barbe’s Athens studio during Jerry’s first days recording with a brand new band full of songwriters. Jerry is an accomplished singer, front man and lyricist and the founding member of Little Women, The Jackmormons, Stockholm Syndrome (which featured Dave Schools of the band that has greatly benefited from Jerry’s songwriting, Widespread Panic) and this current project which is for now called Interstellar Boys. Jerry talks about how it has been a tad rare for him to play off of another guitar since his early Little Women days despite the fact that dual guitar has over the years served his music quite well. Then we learn how he began his world travels as a way to provide a actual adventure for his loyal fans. Over time this morphed into him becoming an even more extremely conscious international citizen himself. He has done great work in Nicaragua, Afghanistan and Iraq among other places. He even lost a Tel Aviv gig once because, “war broke out.” Despite hating the actual word “empowerment,” Joseph relates how he in fact helps to empower children by fearlessly traveling to war zones to provide equipment, share his music, encourage their music and teach guitar. Jerry’s song “Giraffe” gets analyzed and then the trio hops into the “Wayback Machine” and Jerry relates how Ricky Nelson was pretty much how Jerry would initially find music and how he developed as a performer and how music helped him get through some very difficult times particularly during his days in New Zealand (Seth speculates with regard to what New Zealand’s “Shalom” is. We also hear Jerry give a strikingly candid assessment with regard to how he has handled his own anger over the years and about the extent to which he views his own career as a success versus a failure.

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