Episode 52: Anders Beck Part 2 (Greensky Bluegrass)

Seth and Rob spend part of the intro talking about Benny “Burle” Galloway who is discussed extensively in this portion of the interview, and who is part of this podcast’s third live event at City Winery on March 28. In the interview we hear about the young Anders Beck heard a dobro come out of a tent at Telluride Bluegrass and was lured over first to the tent, and then to the world of a dobro. He would quickly dive in and become a rabid learner, and with extensive practice and the strict and candid tutelage of Sally Van Meter he was able to raise above the significant “virtuosity bar” of the bluegrass world. We learn about an inspiring Leftover Salmon show and his early days in Broke Mountain and how a fortuitous encounter while working in a music store would become the genesis for the Wayward Sons. This is the interview when Rob dubs Benny “Berle” Galloway the “Col Bruce of Colorado” (which has morphed into “Colorado Colonel.”) as Anders talks extensively about how he was influenced by this low-key enigmatic Colorado icon. The discussion moves briefly to songwriting in general and how writing credits are handed out, before returning to his formative days in the Wayward Sons. We even hear about how around how Anders would ultimately ask to join a band that he had onced judged at a contest, Greensky Bluegrass. Rob’s Nathan Moore “Hippie Fiasco” shirt leads to a conversation about how Anders and his bandmate Paul Hoffman had met Turner while hanging out for hours at “The Spot” on JamCruise. Anders also offers some insight about collaborating with Phil Lesh on Grateful Dead AND Greensky Bluegrass material and how the band goaded him to “take the reigns” a little bit. We also talk about he inspired by his philanthropic parents (who knew Arthur Ashe and started many tennis related non-profits) and girlfriend Hilary (who started a Colorado company to help businesses define their charitable goals and connecting them with appropriate non-profits).

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