Episode 51: Anders Beck Part 1 (Greensky Bluegrass)

This episode Seth and Rob excitedly announce their upcoming live event at City Winery on March 28. This event features Benny “Burle” Galloway and the subject of this interview, Greensky Bluegrass dobroist Anders Beck. The hosts chatted with him backstage at The Tabernacle before the band’s wonderful show there last fall. They talk about the way Greensky had on their previous Atlanta visit honored legendary Phish shows which had happened in the same room 24 years previous to Greensky’s January visit there. We also hear about Mike Gordon attending one of Greensky’s previous Atlanta shows. We learn how much effort the band puts into their setlists, Beck speaks of the significance of the “One Up” in Denver and he also shares the unusual evolution of the song “In Control” as well as a triumphant moment in the studio while recording, “Living Over.” We also learn some of his views on improvisation, about the influence of Leftover Salmon and his feelings about working with the excellent producer Steve Berlin. There are also great stories throughout, including one in which a certain scolding the band received at San Francisco’s Fillmore turned into a moment of celebration.

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