Episode 49 – Jeff Franca (Thievery Corporation/Congo Sanchez)

This episode begins with a fortuitously-timed incoming phone call from Robert Polay, the founding partner of this podcast’s first formal sponsor Polay + Clark. Seth shares his ideas for their new company slogan and Polay approves. Then Rob and Seth chat with Jeff Franca of Thievery Corporation before that band’s recent performance at The Tabernacle (Atlanta, GA). They first talk about his other band, Congo Sanchez. Franca speaks of how the death of his brother, and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine inspired the band’s thematic debut album, We learn the extent to which improvisation plays into this band’s work in the studio and live. Rob then asks about Thievery’s gloriously bossa nova-flavored 2014 release Saudade, and their roots-dub-dance hall reggae-focused 2017 release The Temple of I and I. Then we learn how the Clifton, Virginia product (who was for a time an “orchestra dork and even performed at the Kennedy Center) ultimately found artists like Fugazi and the music world which surrounded the legendary 18th Street Lounge, the latter of which escorted him into the world of Thievery Corporation. We also find out that on this night there were some changes made in Thievery’s live act, how much the band improvises and areas into which he would love to see the band dive in the future. Franca expounds on many other topics, including the oxymoron that is “rhythmic imperfection,” how Haitian and Cuban music influenced him and how he and other band members talked Thievery into committing to, and then executed their sets of Grateful Dead music. Then Rob talks about his return to writing and Seth reports back from his experience as a couple of destination concerts and the 2017 season of Inside Out wTnS comes to a close. wTnS is Produced by Rob Turner, with this episode produced by both he and Seth Weiner, and Engineered by Josh Thane of Wonder Dog Sounds Studio. www.joshthaneproductions.com www.wonderdogsounds.com wTnS Sponsor: Polay + Clark 21st Century Accounting (Don’t wait till April and get fucked, get Polayed) www.polayclark.com Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: insideoutwtns.com Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS Instagram: www.instagram.com/insideoutwtns Facebook: www.facebook.com/insideoutwTnS