Episode 46 – Vince Herman

Seth and Rob start the show by hinting at exciting podcast developments which they discuss in more depth during the post-interview portion of the episode. The duo sat down with with founding member and frontman of Leftover Salmon Vince Herman in honor of the much anticipated Leftover Salmon’s acoustic fall tour and their chat provides the bulk of this episode. The cozy confines of the Hunt House in Marietta, Georgia provide an ideal setting as Herman talks about how his eclectic musical taste grew out of his teenage experiences at the weeks-long multiple genre annual musician-interactive-heavy Augusta Heritage Festival in Elkins, West Virginia. Herman ultimately moved from a chilly West Virginia attic to the acoustic music promised land of Colorado and he came across a notice for a Left-Hand String Band show literally upon arrival. Left-Hand String Band and Herman’s eventual own band Salmon Heads would eventually give birth to Leftover Salmon. Vince talks about mandolin-toting football moves with David Grisman, the mythology of Peter Rowan, how having Jeff Sipe and Billy Payne in tow impacted LoS, how Waylon Jennings always hated country music and he even tells a harrowing David Allen Coe story. We learn how Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and David Bromberg were the main inspirations for the initial Leftover Salmon ethos, and how they, with John Bell recorded (in one take) a song Bromberg had taught Vince. We learn about the similarities between founding member Mark Vann and the banjo player who replaced him Andy Thorn and what LoS did the time Neil Young wandered onto their stage. A discussion about the tour with his son Silas which brought him to Hunt House ensues and we find out that this “Herman Original” was initially pretty much compelled by friends to pursue music, and how Georgia music-lovers had been impressed by him. Herman also discusses how Ralph Roddenbery specifically, and the Metro Atlanta music scene in general provided many highlights of his tour with his son. This podcast also once again offers the genesis of yet another eventual JamCruise activity, “Chemical Experiments with Mr. Wizard,” and Herman gives some hints toward the true significance of Mayor McCheese. Then a discussion about parallel universes serves as an ideal prelude to an, at times heavy discussion about Col. Bruce Hampton and his final performance. wTnS is Produced by Rob Turner and Engineered by Josh Thane of Wonder Dog Sounds Studio. This episode was engineered by wTnS Intern Nathaniel Roberts. www.joshthaneproductions.com www.wonderdogsounds.com Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: insideoutwtns.com Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS Instagram: www.instagram.com/insideoutwtns Facebook: www.facebook.com/insideoutwTnS