Episode 44 – The Main Squeeze

Before diving into the world of the Main Squeeze, Seth and Rob briefly share their thoughts on the loss of Tom Petty and the recent horror at a Las Vegas music festival. In honor of the interview being conducted on the 50th Anniversary of the release of Jimi Hendrix’ landmark Are You Experienced record, it begins with guitarist Max Newman talking about how Hendrix inspired him to put down the cello and start playing guitar. Vocalist Corey Frye and Keyboardist Ben “Smiley” Silverstein soon join in to walk us through how a summer camp in New York and the Indiana University were vital parts of the genesis of The Main Squeeze. We learn how Randy Jackson became interested the band and helped them nurture their “sound without a sound.” The band talks about its judicious use of modern studio techniques when producing their most recent cd, the aptly-titled “Without a Sound.” We hear about the band co-billing with The Roots and Jane’s Addiction at a Super Bowl party, wowing crowds in Asia while winning an international music contest and how a late night JazzFest guest appearance from Shaun Martin of Snarky Puppy turned into a moment of on stage resilience and hilarity. Rob mentions how the band’s “Colorful Midst” reminded him of the Godfather of this Podcast, Col. Bruce Hampton which unfolds into a conversation about Bruce’s final performance and particularly its impact on the young guitarist, Brandon “Taz” Neiderauer.