Episode 40 – Big Something

The Big Something high-stepped it into the ad hoc studios just blocks away from the 2017 Sweetwater Music and Arts Festival and sat down with Rob and Seth for a playful interview that captures their unique personalities. After a brief introduction from Big Something fan and collaborator Kris Myers (drums/vocals Umphrey’s McGee) we learn about the band’s songwriting process, the importance of its hidden member Paul Interdonato, the pluses and minuses of being from central North Carolina and how Buck Williams and Mike Mills ended up at a Big Something gig in Wilmington, North Carolina. We also learn about just how important the producer John Custer has been to the band’s development and the low-key way he brings forth his pivotal insight. Custer’s uses his sense of humor and general good nature to make what otherwise might be difficult-to-receive criticism and insight. The band speaks of their close friend and mentor Lee Crumpton in the interview, then the founder of the Homegrown Music Network himself joins Seth and Rob for the outtro to talk about how he first heard of Big Something, his time managing them and his recent experiences at the Lockn Festival and Big Something’s own “Big Wha?” festival. Music from episode: All Rights Reserved – Big Something Song – Album “Waves” – Tumbleweed “Tumbleweed” – Tumbleweed “Song For Us” – Live @ Floyd Fest 2017 wTnS is Produced by Rob Turner and Engineered by Josh Thane of Wonder Dog Sounds (wonderdogsounds.com) Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: insideoutwtns.com Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS Instagram: www.instagram.com/insideoutwtns Facebook: www.facebook.com/insideoutwTnS