Episode 39 – Digesting Baker’s Dozen with Scott Bernstein

Seth and Rob welcome Scott Bernstein of YEM Blog and Jambase to first discuss Phish in general, then to offer a candid show-by-show assessment of Phish’s legendary (yes, ACTUALLY legendary) 13 night “Baker’s Dozen” run at MSG. Bernstein offers his brilliant insight on specific musical moments, and how these and other chestnuts the band delivered factor into the band’s storied musical career. Turner has been seeing the band since its mid-80s club days, however Weiner who has been seeing them since the mid 90’s still sees them frequently in its 3.0 era. Each host offers occasional perspectives of his own on specific jams, covers, new songs, even that mashup/medley thing – and other delightful Phish minutia. Turner also adds the thoughts of other Phish aficionados by reading some of his favorite quotes from Phish reviews written during the run. However it is truly Bernstein’s encyclopedic knowledge of this outstanding band which drives this episode and makes it worthy of even the most hardcore phan’s ear. Things DO get a tad contentious at points, and there are also scattered musical moments from the run sprinkled in including a couple of fun performances from the final show which end the episode.