Episode 29 – Steve Berlin

Seth and Rob give updates on recent shows they have seen including Allah-Las and Radiohead before playing an interview they conducted with Steve Berlin of Los Lobos. Berlin reveals that his punk band The Flesh Eaters will reunite for tour next January and that he will co-produce the next Blind Boys of Alabama record. The listener is taken through the early part of Berlin’s career as a performer and producer going back to his earliest days in Los Angeles, playing with The Blasters and winning Grammys with Los Lobos. Berlin talks about working on now-legendary projects with T. Bone Burnett, and about how everything changed the day guitarist/vocalist David Hidalgo brought the song “Will The Wolf Survive” to the band. We also hear a great story about how the band repeatedly helped themselves to Prince’s equipment from his neighboring studio around the same time, and how the almost got caught. Berlin talks about Los Lobos’ work through the seminal “Kiko” release and elaborates on the one time the band played a show while high on mushrooms. He also related about how meticulous the band Faith No More was when he worked with them and about his recent work performing and recording with Diamond Rugs. Produced by Rob Turner Engineered by Josh Thane of Wonder Dog Sounds (wonderdogsounds.com) Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: insideoutwtns.com Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS