Episode 28 – Moon Taxi + Mike Greenfield (Lotus)

This episode features interviews with 4/5ths of Moon Taxi and with Mike Greenfield, the drummer of Lotus. Before, between and after these interviews, Seth and Rob chat with Matt Wilson, the man behind Hampton 70, the Atlanta event at which a stunning array of improvisational musicians will descend upon that cities’ Fox Theater to celebrate the Godfather of this podcast, not to mention American “jam music,” Col. Bruce Hampton. They discuss how this event was created, how musicians were procured, who will be musical directors, how music will be selected and how the Colonel, who reveals he initially did not even want to do this, will handle the fact that everyone will want to perform with him. The Colonel also dishes on many other topics including David Bromberg, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Derek Trucks, time, space, dimension, zambi, embarrassment and the beauty of being The Colonel. Moon Taxi take Seth and Rob back to band’s early days, explaining how they managed to self-release their first record. They also discuss the challenges and benefits of having so many songwriters in the band, milestones, goals, playing Letterman’s show just before Dave retired and how one of their songs inspired a Bonnaroo collaboration with Derek Trucks. Finally Mike Greenfield of Lotus talks about the challenges of joining with the band when they were already firmly established, and of the beauty of playing in a way that makes his band mates shine. He also chats a bit about playing with members of the Disco Biscuits in Electron, and how he was able to be with his wife for the birth of his daughter even while Lotus was on tour. Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth: insideoutwtns.com Twitter: @InsideoutWTNS