Episode 27 – Big Gigantic

This episode features Jeremy Salken and Dominic Lalli….who ARE Big Gigantic… After a brief update from Rob and Seth, they get into it with Big Gigantic, starting with each musician’s very beginnings playing as children.. and move through the compelling career of this groundbreaking act. The duo explains how their lives and musical experiences would ultimately find them collaborating in Colorado and working together to create BG. Jeremy talks about seeing Global Funk Council at “The Goat” while he was living in Breckenridge. A spontaneous invitation to jump on stage that night would quickly evolve into him touring with the band. Salken would move to Colorado and link up with The Motet. This would lead to him joining forces with Lalli who had also been suggested by a friend to seek out The Motet. Lalli talks about going from learning basic computer skills to collaborating with members of String Cheese Incident and sitting in with bands like STS9 and Pnuma Trio as Big Gigantic was getting off of the ground. The band talks about extensively about their career and these two fellas reveal themselves to be extremely focused and conscientious lads. They assure us that they effort to be in a constant date of improvement, particularly with regard to their light show. We learn about how the band has remained staunchly independent from the start, and how they turned an opportunity to play Red Rocks into the Rowdytown Festival. The episode ends with Rob seeking a catharsis by revealing embarrassing things about himself, and a full version of a Big Gigantic song discussed in the interview. Twitter: @insideoutwtns Email: insideoutwtns@gmail.com