Episode 24 – Brendan Bayliss part 2

Seth calls in to brief all of us on Jam Cruise. Then the Brendan Bayliss interview continues and we hear his memories of Umphrey’s landmark Bonnaroo performance, his early experiences with eventual peers like moe. and The Disco Biscuits and his feelings on criticism of his work. He also tells some stories about playing The Jammys with Sinead O’Connor, Mavis Staples, Huey Lewis and Jeff Coffin. Brendan explains the band’s hand-signals, and how Joshua Redman first thought they were kidding about them, but ended up finding them helpful when improvising with UM. Brendan talks about how fan feedback impacts the band with regard to the venues at which they play. Then he speaks of how his new release “Zonkey” may signal the end of the band’s annual mashup-themed Halloween shows, about failing to sit on the John-John while recording at Abbey Road, and about the brand new material the band is working on now.