Episode 23 – Brendan Bayliss part 1

Rob and Seth announce the new co-branding with Live For Live Music and welcome their new listeners. They make an appeal for an interactive relationship – particularly with regard to the coming episode on webcasting. Then they interview Brendan Bayliss, founding member of Umphrey’s McGee. We learn about how at a young age he moved from being an avid sports fan to a guitar enthusiast. His father’s brilliant tennis career is discussed, as it found Brendan moving to and from Massachusetts, on to Indiana, and ultimately attending Norte Dame. We are taken through the late 90s South Bend music scene, including the UM-historical significance of Ali Baba’s Tahini. Brendan tells of how he went from playing in a band with eventual Umphrey’s McGee bassist Ryan “Pony” Stasik, to forming Umphrey’s McGee. He explains his thinking behind the pivotal and selfless choice to extract Jake Cinninger from the charred ruins of Ali Baba’s Tahini and bring him into the Umphold. We also hear the story of how Vince Iwinski became the band’s manager, and how former front of house engineer Kevin Browning’s shift to management has greatly benefitted the band. Brendan also elaborates on the beauty of gradual growth, and the not-so-beautiful way Steve Miller behaved like an asshole at Christmas Jam a few years back. Episode also includes multiple mentions of Marc Maron’s interview with Derek Trucks. Why? Because it was superb.