Episode 21 – Stanton Moore

Seth and Rob sit down with Galactic’s drummer and discuss everything from his early days as a prodigy working in Marty Hurley’s drum line, to Galactic’s recent work with the wonderful Erica Falls. They discuss his two books and the delight he takes from seeing other drummers put their personalized spin on his own personalized, decidedly New Orleans approach. Stanton talks about how being in the mindset of a jalopy or a 300 lb woman walking down the street carrying a bucket of chicken can help find an appropriate New Orleans groove. A slew of musicians are discussed, particularly George Porter Jr., Bernard Purdie and Russell Batiste. Stanton talks specifically about meeting and developing a relationship with Batiste. Stanton talks about why it is difficult for New Orleans drummers to be “go-to” studio musicians and vocally demonstrates a variety of grooves and how said grooves were developed (a favorite of Turner’s). He talks about how generous New Orleans musicians can be and how Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard recently remembered being in attendance when Porter Jr. allowed a very, very young Stanton Moore to sit in with his band. It is a delight to listen to this now-legendary drummer describe how he brings, as Seth says, “his shtick to the stick.”