Episode 13 – Kevn Kinney

Kevn Kinney explains to Rob and Seth the improvisational spirit behind, and each week’s theme of the, “Kevn Kinney Auto Shop and Magic Show” – his ambitious five-night residency which takes place at City Winery in Atlanta August 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 (every Tuesday). Kinney sits with his guitar, sometimes breaking into song while offering wisdom with regard to why musicians shouldn’t watch themselves on stage, how the popularity of vinyl has actually made It harder for many artists to release music on vinyl, fan behavior, his Best Of Songs release and the four separately-themed EPs from which it was culled, the project he is working on with BR5-49 co-founder Chuck Mead, performing in Europe, the evils of addiction, the Drivn’ n Cryin’ documentary “Scarred But Smarter,” why musicians should learn musical history, the danger of credit cards, appreciating and respecting our returning soldiers, the horrors of cabbage patch birth, Atlanta’s Ferris wheel and more. He also offers a li’l taste of his hit “Straight To Hell,” done reggae style, and demonstrates his various approaches to “Scarred But Smarter” and “Fly Me Courageous,” and performs other Kinney gems in their entirety. Closing music includes a sneak preview of next week’s episode featuring the brilliant Australian guitarist, Geoff Achison.