Episode 11.111 – Keller Williams, Brandon Mize – Candler Park Festival Pt. 1

Seth and Rob conduct two “Festie Flash Chats” at the 2016 Candler Park Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Keller Williams talks about maintaining a wide variety of projects, his upcoming “Shut The Folk Up and Listen” tour with Leo Kottke, collaborating with Bob Weir, some of his unique approaches to recording, playing with Del McCoury and The Travelin’ McCoury’s, Victor Wooten’s influence on his development, Ani DiFranco, how Kaki King is keeping Michael Hedges’ music alive, “Chair-Snapping Grassholes,” Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and sets us up to embarrass ourselves in front of Allie Kral in Episode 12. Also they conduct an impromptu interview with Brandon Mize from Rival Entertainment and touches on how Rival has schemed and booked this festival over the years, how they earlier this year landed and executed what turned out to be Prince’s final public performance and other industry insider tidbits.