Episode 106 Dave Bruzza/Andrew Lincoln

Dave Bruzza and Andrew Lincoln of Greensky Bluegrass huddled in a AAA-level minor league dugout to talk shop with Rob and Seth. Bruzza gets cozy talking about songwriting, the recently recorded next GsBg record, experiencing COVID in the wake of a divorce, how the COVID break will probably serve as a hiatus the band was looking to take anyway, and more. Bruzza’ inimitable low-key charisma comes through the entire time. Then, Andrew Lincoln takes us on his journey from having a powerful psychedelic moment while Candace Brightman was running Widespread Panic’s to becoming the lighting designer for Greensky Bluegrass during the band’s rise from clubs to…..well…..baseball stadiums. We learn how burning someone with a cigarette was his entry into the world of Greensky Bluegrass, how other LD’s impact his work (particularly Paul Hoffman of WsP), about his forthcoming side business and we just get the awesome essence of the enigma that is Lincoln.


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