Episode 103: Afie Jurvanen (Bahamas)

Erika Osiris

Seth and Rob sit down with one of Weiner’s absolute favorite musical artists, Bahamas. This is the performance name for Afie Jurvanen, a brilliant Canadian (with strong roots to Finland) singer/songwriter.  The band’s fifth release, “Sad Hunk” is a continuation of this artist’s brilliant studio career. Afie shares some insight on specific songs on the record, and elaborates on how his songwriting process has evolved. Conversation flows freely as the topics include his forthcoming webcast series, salmon fishing, scheming/executing strong backing vocals, allowing happiness to happen to you, being a father and how “Half Your Love” is a bit of a reward for him constantly challenging himself to write a better and more compelling love song. We also hear about the Robbie Robertson and others are among his listeners, how his Nova Scotia province avoided COVID and how much he learned touring with more established artists – particularly Feist. Jurvanen even shares with our listeners a revelation he had when while high on mushrooms as a teen, he was confronted with a firearm – and he gives specific hints of what a Jurvanen-curated music festival might be like. All of the music contained in this episode is from the Bahamas’ 2020 release, “Sad Hunk.”


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