Checking In: Michael League


Rob and Seth talk with four-time Grammy award-winning Michael League of Bokanté and Snarky Puppy about his GroundUP Music debut solo release, “So Many Me” in immediate advance of the release of its lead single, “Right Where I Fall.” While the sound of this record differs greatly from Michael’s other work, he explains how it also has a “bringing it all back home” feel for him personally.  We learn how being in quarantine in Spain and viewing his native US from afar during 2020 greatly impacted the music and lyrics of this record, how he ended up touring (and then recording) in duo format with Bill Laurance, why he has developed an affinity for trios and duos, how Atlanta’s #1 Snarky Super Fan Jake Funkmayor ended up contributing to SP’s “17” release and a good bit more.


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