This Is The Last Drop (For Now)

In this week’s episode of The Drop, we bid farewell to The Drop! Dave & Brian will be stepping aside following this episode to make way for Inappropriate Happiness with Karina Rykman & Issac Sloane! We’re very excited for the next step in The Drop’s history, even if we’re sad to bid you all farewell. It’s been a fun run for us & we hope to be back in some form in the future! In this episode we throw stones at Rob Manfred, chat Goosemas & Phish Mexico + deep dive Gang Of Youths’ new record, angel in realtime. We close by looking at some of our favorite albums from 1982.

Osiris Podcast Recommendations:

Deep-Dive on Gang Of Youths

1982 Albums: 

John Cougar – American Fool

Richard & Linda Thompson – Shoot Out The Lights

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