Quick Hit Bonus: “Behind the Donuts” w/Felicia

We’re really excited to chat with Felicia today about her experience so far at MSG and, of course, donuts. She tells us about how the partnership between Federal Donuts and Phish came together, and how they actually pulled this thing off. Congrats to Federal Donuts for such an amazing contribution to this run. So much more in store. We also play a bit of the Moma Dance from night 2, which Felicia especially appreciated. If you’re not familiar with Federal Donuts, they are based in Philly and just opened the first shop outside of Philadelphia, in Miami. They’re also releasing a cookbook in September, and they do some awesome philanthropic work through Rooster Soup Co.  We’ll be back tomorrow with another Quick Hit from night 4 (jam is the theme!). If you haven’t yet, RSVP for our live podcast recording this Saturday at American Beauty NYC. Intro/Outro: Burl Ives, The Donut Song