Episode 189: End Of Session

This is the end! Not really. All four of us will be back in February for the premier of Undermine. We can’t wait to bring you more great conversation in 2021.

This week, RJ, Brad, Jonathan, and Matt get together one last time under the “HFPod” moniker to chat about the past seven-plus years of podcasting adventures. In an unedited recording, you will get to hear how Helping Friendly Podcast episodes begin, and end—as a conversation between friends.

We would like to thank the guests who have given us their time over the years: Scott Reese, Steve Olker, Rob Mitchum, Wally Holland, Craig Hillwig, Lenny Stubbe, Scott Bernstein, Scotty B Scott Bernstein, Nathan Rabin, Justin Bolognino, Matt Burnham, Kate Phillips, Wade Wilby, Chop, Allie, Drew Hitz, David Steinberg, Josh Carver, Steve Judd, Jake Sherman, Felicia, Dave Calarco, Josh Korin, Dianna Hank, Ali (hi), Graig Adler, Patrick Brannan, Adam Menzo, Steven Hyden, Tyler Curtis, Jackson Richards, CJ Ferrell, The Vic, Andy Greenberg, Zac Cohen, George, Brian Brinkman, Dave Goldstein, Dawnee, Alan Paul, Macon Phillips, Scott Ferber from The Jauntee, Andy Keathley, Ari Fink, Todd Ahrens, Justin Bruce, all of our Quick Hit guests, Myke Menio, Tom Marshall, Adam Lioz from PHRE, Shaunea Robinson, Jen Bernstein, Shelly, Marco Walsh, Jefferson Waful, Holly Bowling, Chris Pandolfi, Joel Cummins, Katy Tur, Brando Rich, Kate, Modi and Jeremy of our spirit family, Jason Ronk, Mike Ferguson, Tom Wassell, Nick Sanborn, Jon Barber, Sadler Vaden, Ben Atkind. Special thank you to Patrick, our good buddy, who gave us some amazing early episodes and so many great memories — and has been a HUGE booster of our work from the beginning. We love you all.

Finally, a special thanks to our wives who not only tolerate us but also encourage us to follow through on our crazy dreams. Rachel, Jen, Kylie, Amy — thank you.


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