Episode 131: Phish in Japan ’99 & ’00

We’re back this week with Todd Ahrens, a previous guest who is here to talk about seeing Phish in Japan in both 1999 and 2000. He’s incredibly lucky for having gone to both of these runs, and he shares his memories with us. You can read much more about his experiences here on his blog. And here’s a video he put together about Phish at the Fuji Rock Festival.

In some ways, this is a continuation of our 1999 episode, as Jonathan got the idea for this while we were recording that. He remembered that Todd was there, and that this deserved a lot more attention. So here we are, but we couldn’t have just done ’99, so we went on to ’00 as well. Tracks below.

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7.30.99 Ghost

8.1.99 Tweezer > Llama

6.10.00 Piper

6.13.00 Meat, Maze, Meat Reprise

6.15.00 Down with Disease

6.16.00 Runaway Jim


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