Episode 119: Trey’s Guitar Rig w/Ryan Chiachiere

This week, we’re excited to talk with Ryan Chiachiere, who is known for his awesome work on Trey’s Guitar Rig. We talk with Ryan about, well, guitar stuff, complete with a deep dive on Trey’s equipment and setup, and complimented by lots of snippets. We also talk about how those effects and sounds have changed over time, and tap into Ryan’s deep Phish and music knowledge. If you can, please support HF Pod Plus, where we do a couple extra podcasts every month. And if you haven’t yet, review us on iTunes. It helps other people find the podcast. And if you can, support the Mockingbird Foundation. Great cause and a way to bring more music to more people. Oh also, we still have t-shirts. Contact us for links to buy a shirt!


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