HF Pod Ep 29: From The Tapers’ Section

This week we were very fortunate to be joined by 3 great tapers and members of the Phish community: Craig Hillwig, Lenny Stubbe and Scott Bernstein. Tapers have a unique perspective on the band, the music, and they’ve been the way we’ve heard most of this band’s music for the majority of the last 30 years. We’re grateful for all of the work they do.  The format of this episode is slightly different. We asked each of our guests to pick a few tracks that represent quality audience recordings from across Phish’s history. For each pick, we play the track and then discuss the recording and the music. Before the tracks, we have a great conversation with our 3 guests. Really fun episode. Chapter markers are below. Visit http://hfpod.blogspot.com/ for more information. Lastly, please take a moment and review us on iTunes!   Chapter 1    0:00        Chat with Craig, Lenny & Scott  Chapter 2    55:19       7.2.11 McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters (Craig)  Chapter 3    1:10:00    8.11.93 Mike’s Song (Lenny) Chapter 4    1:26:57    8.6.96 Purple Rain (Scott) Chapter 5    1:39:32    7.2.98 Ghost (Craig) Chapter 6    2:11:57    8.17.96 Fluffhead > Run Like An Antelope (Lenny) Chapter 7    2:35:35    2.5.94 Crimes Of The Mind (Scott) Chapter 8    2:48:29    12.31.97 Emotional Rescue (Craig) Chapter 9    3:09:05    7.12.13 A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing (Scott) Chapter 10   3:19:49   7.3.11 Down With Disease > No Quarter (Lenny) Chapter 11   3:40:02   4.13.94 David Bowie (Scott)