Episode 91: Fall Tour Recap

This week, we’re joined by Rob Mitchum, who helps us recap Phish Fall Tour 2016. There’s a lot to discuss, and as usual, Rob brings great perspective and analysis. There’s a lot to discuss!  We of course include some tracks as well, which are below. The music starts around 1 hour, 17 minutes. Hope you enjoy.  Please subscribe and review us on iTunes and follow us on Twitter. Also like us on Facebook. And check out CashorTrade for face value tickets to shows across the country. If you are on Stitcher, give us a review.  Light, 10.14.16, Charleston, SC Twist, 10.18.16, Nashville, TN Simple, 10.22.16, Alpharetta, GA I Always Wanted It This Way, 10.24.16, Grand Prairie, TX More, 10.29.16, Las Vegas, NV Mercury > Piper, 10.29.16, Las Vegas, NV Intro/Outro Music: Yo La Tengo, Autumn Sweater