Episode 70: MSG Highlights (1994-2013)

As you may have seen, we put the topic of the last HF Pod episode of 2015 up to a vote. The topic that came out on top was highlights of Phish’s Madison Square Garden shows through the years.  We curated a list of tunes that spans across every year that Phish played at MSG. There are some absolutely incredible jams—which reminds us that Phish always delivers when they play The Garden, and that makes us even more excited to see what happens next week in New York.  The track listing is below. We thank you for listening, and encourage you to send any feedback that you might have for us.   And as always, we ask you to follow us on Twitter and review us on iTunes. And check out Cash or Trade for face value tickets. MSG Highlights Tracks Tube, 1/1/11 Tweezer, 12/30/94 Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley, 12/30/97 Piper, 12/30/11 2001, 12/29/98 Carini, 12/29/13 The Mango Song, 10/22/96 Ghost, 12/31/10 1999, 12/31/98 AC/DC Bag, 12/30/97 Walls of the Cave, 12/31/02 Tweezer, 12/28/12 Harry Hood, 12/30/95 Intro/Outro Music: Frank Sinatra, Theme from New York, New York