Episode 69: Fall ’95 Highlights Pt. 2

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of our epic 3-part Fall ’95 recap. This is part 2, with our friends Wade and Josh again. This was a lot of fun. And as Wade says, listening to Fall 1995 “is not a spectator sport.” Hope you’re geared up. We’ll release Part 3 next week. As always, we ask you to follow us on Twitter and review us on iTunes. And check out Cash or Trade for face value tickets. Part 2 Chapters Chapter 1   0:00          Fall ’95 Highlights Chapter 3   2:14:00    Music Discussion Part 2 Tracks Tweezer, 11.19.95 Free, 11.22.95 Timber Ho!, 11.29.95 Tweezer, 12.2.95 David Bowie, 12.11.95 Down with Disease, 12.12.95 Intro/Outro music: LCD Soundsystem, Losing My Edge