Episode 69: Fall ’95 Highlights Pt. 1

It’s been 20 years, folks, since the epic Fall 1995 tour. Everything changed for Phish in 1995 (as it did again in ’97, ’99, ’04, ’13 and ’15). But this signaled the beginning of a new era—bigger venues, bigger crowds, bigger expectations. And during this tour, Phish did what they do best. They delivered.  Our friends Wade and Josh join us for this equally epic 3-part episode, where we play and discuss some of the highlights from this Fall 1995 tour. In contrast to the Summer 1995 tour, these jams have an incredible level of focus and clarity. But they’re not jams to be taken lightly. They’re dense, heady. As Wade says, listening to Fall 1995 “is not a spectator sport.” Hope you’re geared up.  We’ll have Part 1 this week, and Parts 2 and 3 over the next 2 weeks. Chapters and track listing for Part 1 are below. As always, we ask you to follow us on Twitter and review us on iTunes. And check out Cash or Trade for face value tickets. Part 1 Chapters  Chapter 1   0:00         Intro Discussion Chapter 2   10:36       Fall 95 Highlights Chapter 3   2:14:30   Music Discussion   Part 1 Tracks Split Open & Melt, 10.7.95 Run Like An Antelope, 10.24.95 Reba, 10.25.95 Mike’s Song -> Breathe Jam, 10.25.95 David Bowie, 10.27.95 Bathtub Gin, 11.9.95 Mike’s Song, 11.15.95  Intro/Outro music: LCD Soundsystem, Losing My Edge