Episode 46: Fall Tour Reviews Pt. 2 (SF-Vegas!)

This week we are going to review and bring you highlights from the SF & Vegas shows, with several fantastic guests. Jen Bernstein & Allie join us for SF, and Pete, Hilary and Dianna talk with us about Vegas. Setlist and chapter markers below, hope you enjoy!  Here’s a link to the video Jen filmed from the floor of the SF show the night the Giants won the World Series. Awesomeness ensues. And here’s a link to the song explanation for "Is This What You Wanted," the cover encore debut from Halloween, written by Leonard Cohen. Thanks to Pete for recommending this.  Chapter 1   0:00           Introduction & SF 1 w/Allie & Jen Chapter 2   35:24         SF 2 w/Allie & Jen Chapter 3   1:09:57      SF 3 w/Allie & Jen Chapter 4   1:29:57      Vegas 1 w/Dianna, Pete & Hilary Chapter 5   2:41:28      Vegas 2 w/Dianna, Pete & Hilary Chapter 6   3:07:21      Vegas 3 w/Dianna, Pete & Hilary As usual, please review us on iTunes and send comments and feedback to helpingfriendlypodcast at gmail dot com, and follow us on Twitter. And check out CashorTrade.org for face value tickets to shows across the country. If you are on Stitcher, give us a review!