Episode 42: Dicks 2014 Recap!

For this week’s show, we’re recapping Dicks 2014. We were excited to be joined by Dave, aka @mrminer; frequent guests Zac & Andy from @thebabysmouth; and our friend Jim, who is @FlyPhishing. We reviewed all 3 nights and play some clips from each night. Really fun conversation, we hope you enjoy. Chapter markers are below, separated out by night.  As usual, please review us on iTunes and send comments and feedback to helpingfriendlypodcast at gmail dot com, and follow us on Twitter. And check out CashorTrade.org for face value tickets to shows across the country. If you are on Stitcher, give us a review!  Chapter 1   0:00         Intro Chat Chapter 2   10:59       8.29.14 Review & Chat (clips from Simple, Ghost, Harry Hood) Chapter 3   35:15       8.30.14 Review & Chat (clips from Wingsuit > Bowie, DWD, Carini, Light, Bold As Love) Chapter 4   1:14:48    8.31.14 Review & Chat (clips from Wolfman’s, Sand, Mike’s Song)