Episode 165

Today’s Quick Hit is a little longer than usual, because we recap all 3 weeknd shows. Apologies for the delay, but hey we were seeing Phish shows, so we thought you’d understand. The 4 of us (Jonathan, Brad, RJ, Matt) break down the weekend shows and we play some music too. Of course.  This has been quite a run, and we’re looking forward to what’s next. We have 3 fan-submitted reviews from last night’s show, so that’s pretty cool. Keep them coming! You can look at Phish.net for the setlists from the last 3 nights, and check out the Jambase coverage as well! Thank you again to everyone who came out to support our live show at American Beauty. We will release the audio of that later this week! There will be more of these!  Intro music: Sublime, "Doin’ Time"