Episode 135: Steven Hyden

This week we’re thrilled to have author and podcaster Steven Hyden back on the show, this time to talk about his new book, Twilight of the Gods. It comes out on May 8, but you can pre-order it now. We highly recommend this book. This is part 1 of our conversation with Steven, part 2 will come next.

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More on Twilight of the Gods — there’s a chapter in the book dedicated to Phish, so we talk to him about that and about the rest of the book as well, including his thoughts about Dylan, Petty, Springsteen, the Stones, and many more artists. The book is a wonderful look into Steven’s evolution as a classic rock fan, and what’s happened to music since the peak of classic rock. We hope you enjoy this conversation. You can listen via the player below.

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